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Popcall is a link-in-bio tool for
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Set your price and share your link

Callers pay per minute, or you can offer free calls with a time limit


People call you with a short video message

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Pick up and get paid per minute

Or call back when you want - without scheduling

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to download anything?

Nope. Popcall is web-based and everything goes through your personal profile link, including video voicemails and video calls.

How can people reach me?

People can send you a video voicemail, and if you want to speak to them, you can instantly start a video call with them anytime.

How much do callers pay?

You set your own rate, or you can offer free calls with a time limit. Callers pay per minute only if the video call is connected, and either you or the caller can end the call at any time.

How much of the total earnings do I keep?

Creators keep 80% of their earnings minus payment processing fees*

*During our Early Access period, Popcall is waiving payment processing fees.

Can people see my contact information?

No, people can only send video voicemails through your profile page and don’t see any other contact info.

How will I know if someone wants to talk to me?

There’s no need to stick around… Popcall will text you when new video voicemails come in and you can call back anytime you want. Like a normal phone, you’re not obligated to reply to anyone.

Can Popcall display a customized disclaimer before I speak to someone?

Yes! If enabled, callers must agree to your disclaimer before their call with you is connected. Email [email protected] if you'd like to enable disclaimers for your account.

How do people find my Popcall profile?

People find your link wherever you share it. You can add it to your link-in-bio, share it in a post or story, put it in your newsletter or Discord, etc.

How does Popcall ensure a safe experience?

  • User phone numbers and credit cards are verified first
  • Video voicemails let you screen callers before deciding whether to connect
  • Spam filters prevent rogue callers
  • Either party can end the call at any time
  • Individual callers can be blocked
  • Popcall retains call recordings for 180 days to review any issues


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